Goodies Just For You!

20 Mindful Eating Mantra Reminders  | Related blog posts: OM NOM OM: 20 Mindful Eating Mantras, Egg & Vegetable Pie (Vegetarian), Taste of the Andes: Seco de Carne (Cilantro Beef Stew) More to come soon....come back & check back often for more downloads!

How to Spend Your Summer as a PreMed

The infamous Summer breaks or Summer vacays, they're serendipitous moments of the year that every student looks forward to with hope and bright eyes while going through cram days and all-nighters during college...(Read more)

PA vs MD

These mysterious abbreviations are not for the faint of heart. Although, they are all equally rewarding career paths in the field of medicine. But, how do you decide whether to become a physician assistant, or a medical doctor? There are several options when it comes to pursuing a career in the medical field. For one, … Continue reading PA vs MD