PA vs MD

These mysterious abbreviations are not for the faint of heart, though, they are all equally rewarding career paths in the field of medicine. But, how do you decide whether to become a physician assistant, or a medical doctor? There are several options when it comes to pursuing a career in the medical field. For one,... Continue Reading →

Simple Spring DETOX Green Juice!

Juicing is not just a popular trend, it's a healthy way to cleanse your gut and filter your entire system! Think of it as changing the water filter to your fish tank. (Not a pretty picture, but if you only knew how much debris gets trapped and stuck in your system....

Beginning Photography

I got my first camera phone, then that changed into a small hand-held digital camera, a Sony alpha500 and a more official "grown-up" photographers camera; a DSLR Canon EOS Rebel T2i....

Tis the Season: the Flu in the Winter

Winter spells "Flu season", where thousands of people hustle and bustle around during the holidays asking, “Did you get your Flu shot?” with the sniffles and “downsies” and as early as Thanksgiving. Are the wives’ tales of walking without shoes or “catching wind” true?

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