Finding Your Calling – (Passion & Purpose)

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we all knew what we wanted at a young age? I knew what I wanted to do when I was 3 years old, even when I seemed lost in the turbulence of life through the years, I always “ran into” my calling everywhere I went and that’s when I realized that it never truly left my side.

But sometimes that isn’t the case for a lot of people.

Callings. What are those? – A life full of fulfillment, joy, accomplishment and wholeness. But how do we get to these holy, hidden treasures called “Callings?”

Must we trudge through life waiting, dreaming, wondering when our Calling will come and fall onto our lap? How do we get to these effervescent beacons of light that are supposed to guide us? Not all of us are blessed with the guidance of these beacons of light, but there are ways that you can actively find and bring purpose to your life.



Here are my top 10 steps on finding your purpose:

1.Notice your dreams.

Your subconscious has a way of letting you know if you’re going in the right direction. These clues may manifest in dreams. Pay close attention to the events in your life, the people you meet, and the places you are drawn to. Start a dream journal – by keeping a notepad next to your bed, you can write things that stand out to you from your dreams. Dreams are packed with symbolism.

2. Prioritize expressing yourself in whatever way you find enjoyable.

If you want to be 100% your authentic self and find your path in life, try being creative, it may or may not be your niche, but wondrous things come from creativity. Creativity is not a luxury – you must carve time for it.

3. Think about what you used to love.

Our callings are very often the things that we all loved to be or do when we were a child – before we were asked to change and ‘fit in’ with the rest, ask yourself, “How did I play as a child?” What did I love to do? What was I curious about? How did I think back then? Some serious introspection would help ameliorate the haze of your life’s path.

4. Notice what feels good or “right.”

Your calling is supposed to feel good. This is very important. Make sure you check into this. When we are doing what we are supposed to be doing, we are connected, joyful, expressive, present and purposeful. Take note of the times in your life that you feel like this – What are you doing at that given time? Who are you with?

5. Turn away distractions.

Distractions, like excess TV, shopping or drinking, only serve to keep you stuck and blocked. Turn these blockages down and allow true possibility in. This will be hard for many at first, but it’s too easy to use these things as outlets which stop you from facing things you are avoiding, like confrontation, reality, and having to answer difficult questions. Consciously choosing stillness and diversions or a life full of “busy”and choosing to open a dialogue with yourself and your path will open new dimensions.

6. Pay attention to what keeps coming back; patterns.

If you’ve got an intuition about an event in your life, listen to it. Feel it and examine it. You’ll be surprised to find hidden gems. The things that don’t go away are very important in discovering your calling. Repetition is used in learning to retain information, so pay attention to the repetition in your life. Do you find joy in volunteering at a hospital or animal shelter? Every time you feel at a loss do you find yourself in the kitchen, or art studio creating? Do you have a nagging feeling of moving to another state or overseas? These recurrent things are giving you clues as to what will really satisfy you in life, pay attention to them.

7. If you’ve got a hunch about something, do it, see what comes of it.

Your calling won’t magically fall on your lap, like a beautiful and warm newborn. It won’t appear from mid – air. Only through trying out something new, will you know what is or isn’t for you.

8. Connect with something outside of yourself.

Nature is very calming and can even helps heal. Pick up an activity that requires you to be outside, like biking, walking or running. Meditate. Learn the art of meditation, one can meditate anywhere at any time, it just takes practice; a soul eager for balance or centeredness will be drawn to these things. Yoga is another great source of connection, it is an ancient art that has been around for centuries, it is a soft and slow exercise that allows you time to connect with yourself.

9. Mix up your routine.

Change your routine up. Even changing your environment can work wonders. New perspectives, connections and realizations are more easily explored and nurtured when you give yourself the chance, physically and emotionally.

10. Be patient.

Like mentioned earlier, don’t expect for your calling to magically appear before you. Discovering your path in life will be a continual part of your journey. Be compassionate to yourself, knowing that where you are right now is the best place. However, don’t forget to distinguish patience from laziness. Treat yourself, your beliefs and practices, as well as the world with love and patience.

I hope after reading this, you find yourself to be inspired and try these life changing tips out. If you have a friend or family member that might benefit from this share it with them on your social media platform! You never know who is waiting to be inspired and my motive is just that.

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-Happy journeying!

~ Dedicated to my brother, Jesse. ~

– Med á la Mode

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