Tis the Season: the Flu in the Winter

Winter spells “Flu season”, where thousands of people hustle and bustle around during the holidays asking, “Did you get your Flu shot?” with the sniffles and “downsies” and as early as Thanksgiving. Are the wives’ tales of walking without shoes or “catching wind” true? Research shows what truly causes us to have these “little monsters” attached to us more often in the cooler weather than in warmer weather:


  • The Flu Season: The flu season in the U.S. can begin as early as October, but usually does not go into full swing until December. The season generally reaches its highest in February and ends in March


  • Cold Weather & Immunity: If your immune system is not sturdy, cooler temperatures may usually spell S-I-C-K for you. During Fall/Winter, days are shorter, therefore there is lack of sunlight which leads to low levels of vitamin D and melatonin, both of which require sunlight for their generation. This compromises our immune systems, which in turn decreases the ability to fight the virus.


  • Viruses Love Cold Weather: As opposed to the old wives’ tale, viruses are more virulent (potent) when the air is cold and dry, making the virus stay alive for much longer.


  • Influenza: Is an Italian word that originated in the mid-18th century as “influenza di freddo” or “influence of the cold”


  • Catching the Flu: People most often catch this malaise during the winter, because of staying indoors and passing the airborne virus from one person to the next.


  • Who Catches the Flu? The largest epidemic of the Flu virus is traced to children, because of their immune system being under development.


  • The Best Flu Virus Temperature: If it’s a virus, they will thrive at low humidity around 20% temperature and will not be transmitted at all at 80 percent temperature. Low humidity helps the virus remain in the air, while the viruses float in the air in little respiratory droplets. When the air is humid those droplets pick up water, grow larger and fall to the ground.


Now that we’ve learned a bit more about the Flu, I hope this leads to a reachable course of action to prevent this holiday bug from ruining the spirit of the holidays and that this cultured sample (science puns ftw) of knowledge is added to your growth!
My next post will be about natural remedies to fight the Cold & Flu. Be sure to stay tuned and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn!

“My strategy is to stop the assaults–to reduce the number of factors your immune system has to deal with by cleaning up your diet, healing your gut, lightening your toxic burden, treating your infections, and reducing your overall stress.”
― Amy Myers

6 thoughts on “Tis the Season: the Flu in the Winter

    • Med-à-la-Mode says:

      I hear you, Kira!
      I was sick for a full week, once in the last week of November and another time on the second week of December.
      It’s so important to take care of your immune system and be conscious of temperature change! Thanks for reading, share with your friends and fam!


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