Maximize Your Work-Life Balance as a Health Care Professional

So, you’ve taken the first step and have decided that you want to become a healer, first, that is a remarkable choice to make; to devote your life and to care for others, be it at the level of a pre-med, medical, physician assistant student or physician. With this decision in mind, it’s crucial to make sure you take care of yourself, too. Failing to do so can result into burnout, an alarming trend that is plaguing the health care industry.

Burnout is defined as a “pervasive healthcare problem characterized by a loss of emotional, mental, and physical energy due to continued job-related stress.” With burnout, it can cause you to disengage and see your work as something negative and meaningless, when it once was a positive accomplishment in your life.
What is work-life balance? Work-life balance is the relationship between your work and your personal life, and how these priorities affect and overlap one another.

Here are some simple steps that I’ve come up that I use that can help you do just that:

Manage Your Time Better

There are only so many hours in a day, and if you are in a healthcare field, each minute goes flying. Before you know it, the day is over and you feel stressed and unhappy, because your day was composed only of work, work, work. This can cause a lot of stress.

Better time management and how you spend it, is one way to reach that special balance that everyone yearns for. It is possible and doable, you only live once, you might as well live a managed fun and fulfilling life that is stress free.

Tip 1: At the end of the week (I start my weekly calendars on Sundays), create a weekly calendar and map out your priorities, your work, exercise, family time, and personal time. How much you spend on each priority is wholly up to you, but it’s best if you dedicate time to each. After all, life is short.

Strengthen Relationships with Family and Friends

Tip 2: Make time to schedule in a monthly dinner with friends or a weekly activity with family, this will relax you and make you shut off from “work” mentality. Having a career in the healthcare field is not easy, and with that said each health professionals and schedule will vary.

The key is to stick to the plan of “making time,” doing this will keep you on the path of work-life balance. And your loved ones will love you for it!

“Let it go. Thinking about work when you aren’t working will make you feel like you never left. Create a division between your personal life and your work life. When you are off work, be completely off work. Don’t allow work stress to steal your personal time.” — R.D.

Practice Self-Care

Although having a social life is important to have, making time for yourself is primordial and should be chosen above being a social butterfly.

Tip 3: When you have free time, it’s natural to feel like you need to be doing something (I have been guilty of that a handful of times in the past), to use it to run errands or take care of work-related tasks. Stop it! Instead, use that valuable time to do something that makes you happy. Whether it’s exercise (highly recommended, as it releases stress, you will feel great and look even better, there is no lose!), enjoying your favorite show on Netflix, or browsing your local bookstore to find your next treasure, this is your time.

To all my medical and non-medical followers, I hope these tips help you on your life journey and starts you on the path to a better, happier and healthier life! After all, you deserve to be happy, and you can start that today.

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Happy journeying!

– Stacy

7 thoughts on “Maximize Your Work-Life Balance as a Health Care Professional

  1. Julie says:

    I work in senior care and it can get stressful. Over the past year, I’ve learned how to embrace the art of free time and pursuing meaningful things. Naturally, I do feel shame but I know I shouldn’t. I believe we deserve to be kinder to ourselves. I’d like to reblog this in an upcoming Motivation Monday Post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Med-à-la-Mode says:

      Hi Julie! First of all, thank you for stopping by my blog and finding my post something that you can relate to.
      Yes, I’m glad you have been learning to embrace how your time is spent, life is too short and many times too full of regrets.
      You have my permission to reblog my post as long as you give me credit for it. 🙂


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