A Mystics Dream

Author: Stacy Annette Gonzalez

Created: September 28, 2012 at 12:37am

A mystics dream

“A Mystics Dream”

Kaleidoscope grandeur.

Having seen eyes like yours before.

Black. The darkness divine.

The flux and flowing breeze through gravity and time.

One gifted night I counted every star in your eyes

As you walked along this time continuum,

Walking the edge of serenity.

Like the Sun and the Moon.

Our thread of life entwines

Destined in an eternal dance.

My trance.

There was space, there was distance.

There was the world of separation,

But like the stars,

Wondrous, gleaming, hard to ignore, capturing my imagination

I am lost inside your time.

The longing, never changing,

Always calling.


Come, come with me to the other side.





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