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These are the reveries of a chicmedwoman— an unconventional PreMed student, based in the Southern part of Texas, in love with everything French, and who tends to celebrate life’s failures & successes with a bottle of Zinfandel. I hope that Med à la Mode will inspire you to be the powerful and trés chic woman that you are. I invite you to ride the magic carpet with me as I journey through life, making my stethoscope dreams come true, taking one picture and one leap at a time.

Stay tuned for posts about PreMed life, tips, well-being, photography, recipes, and much more!  Want to know more on why I created this blog? Click here to learn more!

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Why did I create this blog?


Bonjour! The name is, Stacy Annette Gonzalez. Welcome to my blog, Med à la Mode. Here you will find the musings of a PreMed student, writing to keep the inner forces in harmonious balance. I started this blog to document my journey through my PreMed studies and medical school, to share with you my thoughts, experiences, and challenges as I brave this path, all the while empowering the many faces of the PreMed & Medical community. You don’t have to be a prodigy to be a doctor; you will find that hard work and passion is all it takes. And heart, lot’s of it….you can’t forget to take that with you. Time will pass no matter what you decide to do… “time will pass no matter what you decide to do,” remember that. You might as well do it while you are alive. My hope is that this blog will inspire you and guide you to your chosen mission in this world, whatever that may be.

Holistic Health

Lastly, I’m a lover of all things holistic, meaning I aim to look at myself as an intricate machine that operates as a whole. I firmly believe that if we nurture all of our aspects, that is: emotional, spiritual, mental and physical, we can reach great heights when all of those are in balance. So, voila! Here I am to guide & inspire– to make becoming a doctor, taking beautiful images, making a difference while loving every inch of yourself in unknown and unimaginable ways. Follow me on my greatest adventure!


Aside from medicine, and my other passions, a particular one is photography. It has helped me get through PreMed and allowed me to share and involve different people in my artwork. By sharing the eternalized moments I capture of people, places, and nature, I hope to contribute to the culture and lifestyle that our world has cultivated. There are endless amounts of knowledge tucked away in a photograph; “A picture tells a thousand words,” is a quote I stand by. One picture can show you love, grief, happiness, anger, as well as the beauty of our world and the intricate and creative mind that is behind it. A photograph is an artifact that you can go back to time and again like a favorite film; gently leaning you back into those times, smells, feelings, and memories.

Black and White Elegance

~ SAG ~