Simple Spring DETOX Green Juice!

Juicing is not just a popular trend, it's a healthy way to cleanse your gut and filter your entire system! Think of it as changing the water filter to your fish tank. (Not a pretty picture, but if you only knew how much debris gets trapped and stuck in your system....


Taste of the Andes: Seco de Carne (Cilantro Beef Stew)

Taste of the Andes: (Seco de Carne/Cilantro Beef Stew)   Did you know that the Andes goes through Perú, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Chile? Did you also know that tortillas are not a part of Perú’s cuisine? Perúvian cuisine is a melting-pot of different flavors and cultures, I love how aromatic and healthy … Continue reading Taste of the Andes: Seco de Carne (Cilantro Beef Stew)