Salvage Retirement, Don’t Become a Doctor!

In the end, it all depends what you want in life, how you want to live and how you want your future generation (children or not) to live. Doctors get debt and there are Doctors who quickly get out of that rabbit hole. Is debt restricted to Doctors? No, debt is a universal topic for every profession. So if you want to be in the medical field, don't get discouraged and fear debt or loans, for most it's apart of our lives like life and death is.

Taste of the Andes: Seco de Carne (Cilantro Beef Stew)

Taste of the Andes: (Seco de Carne/Cilantro Beef Stew)   Did you know that the Andes goes through Perú, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Chile? Did you also know that tortillas are not a part of Perú’s cuisine? Perúvian cuisine is a melting-pot of different flavors and cultures, I love how aromatic and healthy … Continue reading Taste of the Andes: Seco de Carne (Cilantro Beef Stew)